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Scott Neely started his first company when he was 17 years old and while in high school in January of 1997, it was called Instant Lawn & Rock Services, he provided the full package landscape design, installation, concrete installation, masonry installation, sprinkler & drip irrigation systems and installation and more.

Instant Lawn & Rock Services lasted until Scott graduated high school and  went to work for his father in sales and marketing at Bestline Materials Inc full time, that lasted until his fathers death in the year 2002.

Action Pump & Grout Services was started on January 20th 2006 by Scott Neely and is located in Mesa Arizona, Action pump is a full service concrete, grout and shotcrete pumping company in mesa arizona.     Scott comes from a long line of past and present business owners within his family.     Scotts grandfather Jack V Neely  and his brother Tom Neely Started Neely Trucking Corporation on December 5th 1961.     Neely Trucking was at the time one of the largest drywall trucking and stocking companies in southern California and was based in Anaheim.    California was growing very rapidly back then post World War II, and in those days drywall was hand loaded off of the trains and boats at the Long Beach Harbor and hand loaded on to the Neely Semi Trucks.     Forklifts did exist at that time but were very few and far in between and the Neely’s did not start out with forklifts in the beginning, however they did add forklifts as they grew.     As the years progressed and competition in the Anaheim area became more fierce Jack and Tom Neely Decided after 10 great years in the business to  move south out of the big city and into a smaller area of California with less competition, that place became their new location in San Marcos California and was named San Marcos Materials & Trucking, Inc, their new business in San Marcos was incorporated on February 22nd 1971.     Soon after Neely brothers Jack and Tom decided to leave the Anaheim area, Jacks Neely’s oldest son John L Neely decided to join the competition and start his very own drywall trucking and stocking company in nearby Corona California called Stock-Rite Building Supply Inc, which was incorporated on July 27th 1972.     Stock-Rite Building Supply Inc was more than a drywall stocking and trucking company, it was also a full line building material supplier for the area.     The San Marcos Materials & Trucking Inc was also more than just a drywall stocking and trucking company, and it lasted five years or so before once again competition became fierce.     Again Jack and Tom Neely decided to relocate further south to San Jacinto California and start new business which would be known for years as State Materials.     State Materials Inc was incorporated May 17th 1977 and was located at 1122 S State Street San Jacinto California 92583.   State Materials was much more than just a drywall stocking and trucking company, they were also a hardware store, landscape supply, masonry supply, and full line of building materials supply store as well as a trucking company.     Jack & Tom also opened King Building Supply Inc in Yucca Valley California soon after but it only lasted a year or so before they decided it wasn’t profitable and closed it.   Three Years Later and only just a few miles away in Homeland California Jack Neely’s youngest son Ron F Neely and his wife Mary Neely Decided to Join the competition and start  their very own company store like Ron’s father, uncle, and brother before him had.     They opened the store in homeland California which happened to be very close to a relatively growing retirement community called Sun City California.     Ron and Mary Neely decided to name the new company Sun City Building Supply Inc, they incorporated the business on July 17th 1980.     However Ron’s father Jack Neely was not very supportive because his sons new business was affecting the State Material Inc profits due to the fact that State had regularly delivered materials to Sun City California.     In 1985 Brothers Ron and John Neely decided to partner in opening a new building material supply location in Yucca Valley California and ran as Sun City Building Supply Inc (DBA) Yucca Valley Building Supply Inc.     This joint venture between brothers was short lived and only lasted a couple of years before realizing that Yucca Valley California would not be a very lucrative place to keep making efforts to do business.     Ron and John Neely closed the Yucca Valley Building Supply location and  parted to explore other opportunities to do business that would bring profits.     John L Neely Decided in 1988 to start a new location in Phoenix Arizona in 1988 and called it Stock-Rite Building Supply Inc (DBA) Victory Building Materials Inc, this business also was short lived and only lasted a year or so  before John Neely decided to close up shop in Phoenix and go back to focusing on his main location in Corona California called Stock-Rite Building Supply.     In 1989 During the same time that John Neely closed his yard in Phoenix Ron Neely made his father an offer to purchase State Materials from his father and his uncle Tom, they were ready to retire and accepted his more than two million dollar offer and Ron Neely became the proud owner of his father and uncles company State Materials Inc.     Ron was now the owner of both Sun City Building Supply Inc and State Materials Inc and was making hefty payments in the thousands per month to his father and uncle for State Materials.     State Materials Building was blue and was called the Blue Base during CB Radio Dispatching with the truck drivers and Sun City Building Supply was yellow and was Called Fire Base during CB radio dispatch with the truck drivers.      The good times rolled for exactly one year before the wildly busy economy came crashing down to a halt almost instantly it seemed.     State Materials Inc went from doing 350k per month in sales and Sun City Supply Inc doing 150k in sales per month to the both of them doing less than 100k in sales per month.     State Materials was more centralized and considered home base, Ron had to make the hard decision to close his original business which brought him into his own with regard to wealth and stability, he did so in 1993.     Also in the year 1993 Ron had to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy reorganization to try to save what business he had left during the economic crunch.

On October 13th 1993 Ron F Neely Incorporated his business with a new name, calling it Bestline Materials Inc.    Ron emerged with his business reorganized and set a new goal, to get debt free and plan for retirement.     Ron’s four sons were Ronnie, Jeff, Scott, Mark, and his daughter was Erica.     His Sons Jeff and Ronnie were the two truck driving sons, his son Scott worked his way up the chain over the years from yard man to drywall stocker to office manager to sales manager.     Mark worked there too in the yard sometimes and Erica was a cashier.     Ron was Married 3 times to Mary, then Jody, Then Donnie, many times Ron’s ex wives worked there too along side him and his children.    Strange as it may seem it worked, Ron Neely may not have made great decisions when it came to his personal life and relationships, but he really did prove to be a good man and father for giving his entire family the opportunity to have a job there.

Ron F Neely Died on June 26th 2002 at the young age of 50 years old.     Probate was a nightmare for the children as can be expected in the state of California and the business  locked up in probate and was lost.

Bestline Materials Inc made its final run as a long running set of businesses from 1961 until 2002 and is now gone forever but will never be forgotten.     Bestline is where we all Ron’s Children grew up and what they will always remember, there they were taught the skills that keep them surviving to this day.

Today the only remaining business from the original family is Stock-Rite Building Supply Inc, However it too was closed down in Corona California as competition edged it out there.   John L Neely Still owns the property in Corona California where Stock-Rite used to be, but on august 22nd 2002 Ron’s older brother moved his California Corporation to Golden Valley Arizona.     John is currently doing business as a California Corporation called Stock-Rite Building Supply Inc but is now located in Golden Valley Arizona.

Johns son Todd Neely also owns a business in Hemet California called Precision Home & Door Company Inc, he is struggling in California too but still struggles to remain in business there at least for now.

Scott Neely the proud owner of Action Pump & Grout Services is here in Phoenix Arizona, been in business for almost five years now, and is here to stay in the concrete pumping industry in Arizona.     Big Or Small We Pump It All, Says Scott Neely.     In California there is also Neely and Sons Gunite Inc-Incorporated January 10th 1979, Neely Concrete Pumping Inc-Incorporated January 18th 1981, and Neely Construction Company Inc-Incorporated February 2nd 1982.     So as you can see Scott Neely comes from and extensive construction background and has the experience to meet your needs in all aspects of construction industry.